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Confocal Microscopy for Deep Imaging

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Leica Microsystems expands its range of objective lenses for confocal microscopy by the objective HCX APO L20x/0.95 IMM for deep imaging.
The new objective lens is designed and optimized to serve high-level biomedical research such as the analysis of whole animals, brain slices and similar neuronal preparations with the immersion medium BABB (Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl Benzoate, 1:2). The apochromatic corrected objective provides the standard 20x magnification for overview with the excellent numerical aperture of 0.95. The numerical aperture allows structures as small as 250 nm to be acquired within an object field of significantly more than half a millimeter. In combination with a confocal scanning microscope the magnification can be continuously increased up to 1200 times. The capabilities of the new objectice fit perfectly to morphological studies in developmental biology, neurology and neurobiology for the investigation of neurons, their connection to each other and to the whole brain set pattern.


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