See More, Show More, Save Time: Olympus UC90 4K Microscopy Camera

  • Lung section 10x magnificationLung section 10x magnification
  • Lung section 10x magnification
  • UC90 Camera
  •  Bone section 10x magnification
  • Cerebellum section 20x magnification

Saving time and facilitating analyses, the Olympus UC90 camera maximises information captured from samples with ease and simplicity. 4K resolution combined with a large field of view enables structures to be viewed in unprecedented detail and context in a single image.

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Revealing more of samples than ever before, on-screen analysis enables easy evaluation of even the finest features to accelerate the workflow. The UC90 provides clean, noise-free images, thanks to Olympus Smart Image Averaging (OSIA). This technology effectively cancels noise in low light conditions or high zoom levels and avoids trailing artefacts during sample movement - under everyday working conditions.

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Large, detailed images display true-to-life results, vastly improving sharing and discussions. In addition to accurate on-screen colours thanks to ICC colour profiling, viewing ‘the bigger picture’ reduces the need to verify observations on the oculars, delivering the many benefits of on-screen operation. The UC90 provides the highest quality on-screen images thanks to a 4K UHD imaging mode, ensuring compatibility with 4K UHD monitors, large-screen TVs and projectors. Revealing more of samples, on-screen analysis enables easy evaluation of even the finest features to accelerate evaluation.  

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4K microscopy introduces a new level of confidence in your results. Confirming observations no longer requires multiple images or time-consuming checks via the oculars. Enhancing on-screen evaluation and presentations, the UC90 fast live mode works under all exposure conditions, highlighting hidden details thanks to 4K UHD resolution. Sharp images are quick and easy to capture with assisted focusing.

• 4K UHD resolution with 9 megapixel CCD
• Large 1 inch field of view
• Noise cancelling OSIA technology
• Assisted focusing with focus peaking

• Pathology
• Life science research
• Materials science
• On-screen analysis and collaboration
• Engaging presentations

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