Six-Channel LED Light Source For Scientific Applications

LEJ Offers An Intense, Broad-Spectrum LED Illumination Device

  • Six-Channel LED Light Source For Scientific ApplicationsSix-Channel LED Light Source For Scientific Applications

The use of LED’s as an excitation source for fluorescence microscopy offers a range of advantages over conventional illumination systems. LEJ offers this intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination device – a six (6) channel LED power compact light source.

Originally designed as a powerful replacement of XBO 180 light sources this device is particularly suitable for demanding applications in modern fluorescence microscopy.

The system covers a spectral range from the UV (DAPI excitation) to the NIR region (Cy5 excitation). Key benefit is the user's ability to custom-pick the six LED of choice. At the moment users can choose from 10 different high-performance LEDs. The choice of LEDs is growing continuously over time.

This high-performance light source can be equipped with any combination of LEDs, either to generate a broad spectrum or, by using just three LEDs, but two of each, utilizing the most advanced 3-channel LED light source available.

Due to it’s world-class optical design the light source most evenly illuminates the field of view even if six or only one LED is in operation.

The system convinces its users with its precise, while easy, control, it’s stability and reproducibility. Users additionally benefit from:

  • More light (no dichroic filters necessary)
  • Mercury-free operation
  • Long lifetime (approx. 25.000 hours)
  • No bulb replacements
  • Quiet operation

The LQ-LED 180 is conveniently being attached to a microscope via a liquid light guide and a dedicated microscope adapter. LEJ offers powerful accessories for most microscopes of the major brands.

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