Toptica Introduces Field-Upgradeable Eight-Color Laser Engine

  • Toptica iChrome SLEToptica iChrome SLE

The multi-laser engine iChrome SLE from Toptica supports multi-color applications that require separate microscope input ports (FRAP, TIRF, confocal microscopy / spinning disk, for example).

It offers up to eight different wavelengths from a broad range (405-640 nm) and up to 70 mW per color out of the fiber. Each laser source is housed in an individual, field exchangeable cartridge, while the integrated fiber switch enables fast switching of all colors between two SM/PM fibers within less than 10 ms. It can also be used for advanced scientific setups where one laser engine is used to drive different devices without the need to swap fibers. A uniform user interface controls all integrated laser sources of the iChrome SLE, making all lasers appear equal to the user, regardless of the technology behind the laser source (DPSS or diode laser).


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