Toptica IntroducesTopMode

High-Coherence, Single-Frequency OEM Lasers

  • TopMode lasers: high coherence and high powerTopMode lasers: high coherence and high power

Toptica´s TopMode is a high-coherence, high-power diode laser which operates as easily as a HeNe-laser.

The proprietary CoHerence-Advanced Regulation Method (CHARM) provides active stabilization of the lasers' coherence and ensures continuous single-frequency operation for excellent stability of lasing wavelength and output power. Featuring a spectral width of less than 5 MHz (a coherence length greater than 20 m), the TopMode is available at six wavelengths from 405 nm to 685 nm.

With 100 mW power, the 405 nm model offers the highest single-frequency output of any direct diode-based system, providing a push-button OEM solution for the quest for the "blue HeNe-laser". Applications of the TopMode laser family include interferometry, Raman spectroscopy, quantum cryptography and semicon inspection


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