True Colour LED Illumination for Clinical Microscopy

  • BX3 clinical microscope systems from OlympusBX3 clinical microscope systems from Olympus

The BX3 clinical microscope system from Olympus is used for analysis and disease diagnosis in pathology and cytology. Images with accurately rendered colours are created with a true colour LED illumination technology and built in Light Intensity Manager (LIM).

Histological and cytological stains appear exactly the same under the true colour LED as they do under daylight filtered halogen, facilitating a seamless transition for labs adopting the new, more efficient LED technology.

Advantages of True Colour LED in Comparison to Traditional Halogen Bulbs
◦ longer lifetimes
◦ constant colour temperature at all voltages
◦ reduced power consumption

In addition, the LIM improves user workflow and maximises consistency by automatically modulating light intensity when working with different magnifications.

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