True Fiber Pigtailed Option on Cobolt 06-01 Series Diode Lasers

Now Also Available at 405nm and 488nm

  • True fiber pigtailed option on Cobolt 06-01 Series diode lasersTrue fiber pigtailed option on Cobolt 06-01 Series diode lasers

Cobolt has announced the release of a true fiber pigtailed option for the Cobolt 06-01 Series of high performance fixed wavelength diode laser modules at 405nm and 488nm.

In this compact and robust fiber delivery option, the SM/PM fiber is fixed inside the hermetically sealed package using proprietary HTCure technology resulting in a permanently aligned, true fiber pigtailed laser with excellent polarization extinction ratio (>100:1), a stable output power (2% over 8hrs ±3°C)  over a large temperature range as well as insensitivity to transport conditions.

This true fiber pigtailed option is intended for either scientific use with standard SM/PM fiber and FC/APC connector or OEM use where type of fiber and connector can be customized. The output power is 50mW at 405nm and 30mW at 488nm and is specified out of the fiber. The option is also available on Cobolt MLD 640nm and Cobolt MLD 660nm.



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