Zeiss Elyra P.1 with 3D-PALM Wins R&D 100 Award

  • R&D 100 Award 2014 for Zeiss Elyra P.1 with 3D-PALMR&D 100 Award 2014 for Zeiss Elyra P.1 with 3D-PALM

Carl Zeiss Microscopy has announced that their Elyra P.1 with 3D-PALM has earned the 2014 Research & Development (R&D) 100 Award.

The 3D-PALM technology enables super-resolution photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) in 3D. With Elyra P.1 and 3D-PALM, researchers can capture highly resolved structures in 3D using photo-switchable proteins, while treating the sample so gently it stays fit for long-term observation. Detection with an effective resolution down to 20 nm shows substructures and patterns where conventional light microscopy will simply show co-localization. The technology has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (German abbreviation: BMBF) as part of the project "Optical Technologies (biophotonics)".

The R&D 100 Awards celebrate the year's top technology products in the fields of new materials, chemical research, biomedical products and high-energy physics. The winners come from the areas of industry, science, private research institutes and government laboratories. Since 2002, Zeiss has won one of the renowned awards every year.


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