Hitachi High-Technologies launches the SU7000

  • SU7000 form Hitachi High-TechnologiesSU7000 form Hitachi High-Technologies

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation announced that it will launch the SU7000, a Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) that incorporates a large specimen chamber, enhanced versatility, and high throughput with simultaneous acquisition as well as analysis of various signal types.

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are used to perform a diverse array of structural observations and compositional analyses based on their ability to obtain information through signals including secondary electrons, back-scattered electrons, photons, transmitted electrons, X-rays, and more. SEMs are thus implemented in a wide variety of fields such as nanotechnology, semiconductors, electronics, biology, and material science. In stride with expanding growth in these fields, there has been an immediate need for high-throughput SEMs capable of reducing observation times while rapidly obtaining large amounts of information.

The newly launched SU7000 provides improved signal separation of secondary electrons and back-scattered electrons through innovative technologies including a brand-new detector specifically designed to enhance precision as well as increase throughput. Previously, users had to individually optimize observation and analysis conditions, such as the working distance from lens to specimen, according to the type of signal chosen for acquisition. With the SU7000, the specimen chamber, detectors, and other elements feature a new design that enables users to simultaneously acquire several different signals without changing the working distance. Through these advances, the SU7000 effectively streamlines observation and analysis whereby reducing time input.

Moreover, the SU7000 incorporates an interface capable of simultaneously acquiring up to six different types of signals (conventional models can acquire only four different signal types), along with providing higher signal-acquisition speed through upgrades to the SEM control system.

As a result, the SU7000 successfully delivers a very high-throughput platform for specimen observations.

Additionally, the SU7000 is equipped with a large specimen chamber and 18 accessory ports, allowing for high performance with even greater versatility.

More informations can be found here.

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