NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE2019) – Registration for The AFM/SPM Event 2019 is now Open

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Don’t wait and register to the 2nd NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE2019) to be held at University of Bologna Sept. 11-13, 2019:

The NSFE2019 will include an open AFM user forum, keynote speakers such us Ricardo Garcia (CSIC, Spain), Dr. Rüdiger Berger (MPI Mainz, Germany),  Prof. Dr. Lukas Eng (TU Dresden, Germany) & more, poster sessions and contributed lectures enabling young scientists to present their research projects, live hands-on-sessions on Park Systems AFM instruments, where you can learn the tips and tricks on various AFM techniques, and an exciting social program.

NSFE 2019 will cover application topics from the AFM/SPM field ranging from Polymers and Composites, Nanoelectronics, Photonic and Photovoltaic applications, Nanomaterials and Life Science, as well as topics on AFM methodology such us Nanomechanical and Electrical Characterization, Soft Material Characterization in Liquid Environment and Advanced Imaging.

A special session will be dedicated to the characterization of novel semiconducting materials with multimodal scanning probe microscopies. “Advances in fabrication and nano-scale processing have provided access to multifunctional semiconducting materials with unprecedented performance and property combinations. Examples are semiconductors with soft mechanical properties, semiconductors that combine ionic and electronic conductivity or solution printable semiconductors to name a few. The progress opens enormous opportunities for innovative devices in ICT, biomedical or energy related applications,” explains Dr. Cramer, Asst. Professor and Researcher at Department of Physics and Astronomy of University of Bologna, and the host of the event.

For more information visit the conference website: or contact

Sponsored by Park Systems and NanoScientific Journal, NanoScientific Forums are offered world-wide to showcase advanced AFM applications and methodology, creating a link between research needs and technological solutions, driven by voice from the field.


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