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Fully Automated AFM Solution for Defect Imaging and Analysis

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Park NX-Wafer is a revolutionary AFM solution designed for bare wafer manufacturing that fully automates the automatic defect review process and increases production throughput by an astounding 1,000%.

Park NX-Wafer produces sub-Angstrom roughness measurements for the flattest substrates and wafers with tip-to-tip variation of less than 2%, for the first time ever in the entire history of the semiconductor industry. It enables a critical inline process to classify defect types and source their origin through high resolution 3D imaging only available at Park Systems, the world's leading AFM provider.

Unique Features and Reliability
Park NX-Wafer is an updated continuation from the wafer metrology product line, the Wafer Series, with new application capabilities focusing on automatic defect review (ADR), atomic force profiler, and sub-Angstrom surface roughness control. Among the three, SmartADR for 200/300mm bare wafers is a disruptive technology that improves productivity by up to 1,000% compared to traditional defect review methods by AFM.

Playing a critical role in the development of AFM technology, Park Systems has remained the leading innovator in nanoscale microscopy and metrology throughout its 25-year-history and continues to invest in the development of new emerging technologies. With technological and service centers around the globe we provide a high-level support and ultrafast service to your laboratories and fabs.

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