Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Launches Its New Online European AFM Probe Store

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research has launched its new European Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Probe Store. The EU Probe Store serves customers in all of Europe, India and the Middle East, offering a complete range of probes for virtually all AFMs. Customers can shop for a wide range of probe models including probes from Asylum’s own SurfRider line and many other manufacturers including, but not limited to, Olympus, NanoWorld, Nanosensors, BudgetSensors, Nanotools, Rocky Mountain Technology, SmartTip and PrimeNano.

The new and improved probe store features a wide variety of probes with a convenient interface to select and order probes. Users can create their own account to track orders and easily reorder their favorite probes. The simple design makes it easy to obtain price quotations, and to search for probe models by various criteria (e.g. application, specifications, compatibility, imaging environment, sample types). Detailed descriptions, specifications, an image of the probe, and a cross-reference to competitive probe models make it easy for customers to choose the right probe for any experiment. Customers also have instant visibility to in-stock probes and can receive free samples on select models. Asylum’s AFM Probe Store is the first to offer customer reviews of probes so scientists can share valuable knowledge about their experiments.

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