Park NX20 300mm AFM: A Nano Metrology Tool for Failure Analysis and Large Sample Scans

  • NX20 300mm: an automated nanometrology tool for 300 mm wafer measurement and analysisNX20 300mm: an automated nanometrology tool for 300 mm wafer measurement and analysis

Park NX20 300mm enables AFM inspection and scans over the entire sample area of 300mm wafers by using a full 300mm x 300mm motorized XY stage so the system can access any location on a 300mm wafer. The AFM is the only product that can hold a 300mm sample unlike current products on the market, for example the competitor’s system that come closest to Park is combined with 300mm sample chuck but requires the user to load 9 times to access the entire 300 mm wafer area because the range of the motorized XY stage is limited to 180mm x 220mm.

Statement of Keibock Lee, Park Systems President
“Today large samples of up to 300mm wafers and substrates are widely used for process development, failure analysis, and production but so far there has not been an AFM measurement tool that can accurately measure all samples simultaneously. The Park NX20 300mm is the perfect solution for shared labs whose samples come in various sizes--small and large—as it supports from large to small coupon samples and is compatible with all the modes and options available to Park's other research AFM products. With a single loading, the entire 300 mm wafer area can be accessed for low-noise AFM measurements. This opens up a whole new scope of measurement automation on a 300 mm wafer.”

The Park NX20 300mm system is run by SmartScan, Park's new operating software with automatic scan control and comes with the "Batch Mode" functionality where the users can perform recipe-automated, unlimited number of sequential multiple-site measurements over the 300mm x 300mm area. The automated measurements over a 300mm wafer dramatically improve the user-convenience and productivity in an industrial lab where a comparison among site-to-site and sample-to-sample surface morphologies, e.g. height, surface roughness, etc., is important.

Park NX20 300mm standard vacuum chuck is designed to hold samples ranging in size from 300mm to 100mm, and can even support small coupon samples of arbitrary shapes using a vacuum hole.

Products on the market now are limited to 200mm sample sizes and must rely on cutting up the sample to maintain the low noise required by industry, which is cumbersome and makes sharing the AFM challenging.

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