Variable Field Module for Magnetic Atomic Force Microscopy Experiments

Asylum Research Launches VFM2 for the MFP-3D AFMs

  • VFM2 Variable Field ModuleVFM2 Variable Field Module
  • VFM2 Variable Field Module
  • Five frames showing a piece of Perpendicular Media Recording (PMR) hard disk degaussed with an in-plane ~0.5 Tesla magnetic field using the VFM2.
  • MFM phase images of the Terfenol-D disk under a series of in-plane fields perpendicular to the magnetization. (a) MFM phase images taken at 2000G and (b) after field removal; (c) MFM phase images taken at -2000G and (d) after field removal. The direction of the magnetic field is indicated by the arrow. 10μm scan. Image courtesy of Shuhong Xie, Xiangtan University, China and JiangYu Li, University of Washington.

Asylum Research has launched the Variable Field Module2 (VFM2) for magnetic atomic force microscopy applications with MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM).

The VFM2 is ideal for researchers who want to apply magnetic fields to their atomic force microscopy experiments and applies continuously adjustable magnetic fields parallel to the sample plane approaching one Tesla with one Gauss resolution. 

Application Fields
◦ Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)
◦ Conductive AFM (C-AFM)
◦ All other applications where the sample's properties are magnetic field dependent 

Key Features
Earth magnets
◦ No heat, thermal drift, or mechanical vibration
◦ Software controllable field intensity
◦ Gaussmeter

Statement of Roger Proksch
"Prior to the introduction of the VFM2, high magnetic field measurements required complicated superconducting or water-cooled magnets, neither of which were particularly friendly to low-noise, high precision AFM measurements.  Our team, headed by Maarten Rutgers, has made a startling increase in field strength along with increased measurement precision and ease of use.  This is truly a major step forward in ambient AFM."


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