Apr. 09, 2014

Video: cellVivo-The Modular and Flexible Incubation System

Extended live cell imaging requires stringent control of temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 levels for sample integrity and focus position. In this short video, Olympus introduces its cellVivo incubation system for precise and ergonomic environmental control of advanced live cell imaging. A one-handed accessibility allows simultaneous handling of the incubator and specimens, minimizing exposure to the external environment. Intelligent software enables easy set-up and ensures continuous monitoring of conditions, even remotely. The system is a modular and flexible 'one size fits all' incubation system, which is fully adaptable for basic and high-end inverted microscopes IX73 and IX83. Further flexibility is provided by the various enclosure types and modules, which can even provide advanced laser-safe darkroom capabilities.

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