Apr. 28, 2011

Video Highlights From FOM 2011

Did you miss to attend Focus on Microscopy (FOM) in Konstanz, Germany 2011 or were you too busy to visit the exhibition? Dr. Stefanie Krauth and Dr. Martin Friedrich will guide you through the exhibition, where they showcase their product highlights.

Click on the single links to get your own impression on new product innovation:

Movie 1: N-Storm-Technology from Nikon Instruments
Movie 2: Andor Technology introduces a structured illumination microscope
Movie 3: Fast computer aided cell counting of cultured cells from analyCells
Movie 4: Leica Microsystems presents a new tool for zebra fish assay development
Movie 5: Automated handling system of samples introduced by Märzhäuser Wetzlar
Movie 6: Deep imaging with the multiphoton laser scanning microscope from Olympus
Movie 7: Scanning Probe Technology for soft matter and life science
Movie 8: Superresolution microscopy made by Carl Zeiss

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